Halton Family Futures

Halton Family Futures
Who we are
Being healthy is a big deal for you and your family. Not eating the right food or not being active can result in weight gain and increased health risks.
Family Futures is a FREE community based programme available in Halton for families with children aged 2-18 who are above their ideal weight.

Family Futures offer a fun way to learn about achieving a healthier lifestyle for children and parents too. 

There are a whole range of benefits to joining Family Futures, including:
  • Improved fitness for the whole family
  • After school sessions to fit around your daily routine
  • The programme is fun and completely free
You will be asked sign up for three months initially but this can be extended to six months or one year if needed. 

Our friendly, non-judgmental staff will offer a mix of one-to-one and group sessions where you will receive support to help you and your child make positive changes to your lifestyles. 
What will happen at your first appointment? 
At your first appointment we’ll talk about you and your family and explain the programme so you can decide if you want to get involved with. 

You will have an assessment with a dietitian who will ask you about and your family’s food intake and activity levels. If you’re happy to, we will also take your weight and height measurement.   

How to access our service
Referrals can be made by healthcare professional or person working with the child or family, such as your GP. You can also self-refer to our service by calling us on 0151 290 4336 or by emailing us at family.futures@nwbh.nhs.uk 

If you think we could help, why not call us today?
Where else do we provide the service?
We also provide the Family Futures service in Knowsley

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How to contact us
Halton Family Futures
The Brooker Centre
Halton Hospital
Hospital Way
Tel: 0151 290 4335
Email: family.futures@nwbh.nhs.uk