Y1/2 Pear 2019-2020

Welcome to Pear Class
  • Mrs G Neal

    Key Stage One Manager/SENCO/Designated Teacher for Children in Care/Deputy Designated Person for Child Protection

  • Mrs S Woodward

    Teaching Assistant

Welcome to our class page, here you will be able to keep up with all of the fun we are having in school.
  • Homework is set each Friday and should be returned to school no later than the following Wednesday.
  • Please listen to your child read for 5 - 10 minutes each night and ensure that their reading book and diary is in school everyday.
  • P.E. lessons are on Mondays and Thursdays. Please ensure that your child has an indoor and outdoor kit in school. Long hair should be tied back.
ENGLISH - In English we are working on reading and spelling our 'high frequency' and 'tricky words.'
MATHS - In Maths we are working on reading, writing, ordering and comparing numbers to 30.
Thank you for your continued support
Mrs Neal and Mrs Woodward
Here is a list of the High Frequency Words that we are working on at the moment. Children are working on reading these words on sight and spelling them correctly. We are also trying hard to spell the days of the week.
Why not try one of these exciting games to help you learn to read and spell your HFWs?
The Oxford Owl website is packed with expert advice, top tips and activity ideas. There is also a FREE eBook library, where you can access over 250 eBooks. Click on Oxford Owl to visit the website.
This half term we are going to be finding out about London in the present day and comparing this to London in 1666. We are going to be learning about the Great Fire of London, ordering events from the fire and thinking about why the fire spread so quickly.
This half term we will be finding out about life in the Arctic Circle. Children will be finding out why the Arctic Circle is such a cold place and comparing weather patterns in the Arctic Circle to those in England. 
Autumn Two
This half term we are going to be finding out about The Titanic and how it was linked to Runcorn and Liverpool. The children will be using a range of sources to find out more information about life on board. Have a look at our Curriculum Overview to find out about all of the other exciting things we'll be getting up to.
Autumn One
This half term we are going to be reading lots of stories about space. Have a look at our Curriculum Overview to find out about all of the other exciting things we'll be getting up to.
 We have been writing our own poems based on 'QUESTION TIME,' by Michaela Morgan.
QUESTION TIME by Michaela Morgan

What does a monster look like?
Well ....hairy and scary,
And furry and burly and pimply and dimply and warty and naughty and wrinkled and crinkled....
That’s what a monster looks like.

How does a monster move?
It oozes, it shambles,
It crawls and it ambles, it slouches and shuffles and trudges, it lumbers and toddles, it creeps and it waddles.....
That’s how a monster moves.

Where does a monster live?
In garden sheds, under beds......
In wardrobes, in plugholes, and ditches, beneath city streets, just under your feet......
That’s where a monster lives.
How does a monster eat?
It slurps and it burps,
And gobbles and gulps, and sips and swallows and scoffs, it nibbles and munches
That’s how a monster eats.

What does a monster eat?
Slugs and bats,
And bugs and rats, and stones and mud and bones and blood and squelchy squids.....and nosy kids
That’s what a monster eats
This term we are looking at the work of Peter Thorpe, particularly his 'Rocket Paintings.' We have been looking carefully at the colours used by Peter Thorpe and how these were inspired by the view through the Hubble Telescope. Children have worked hard to mix colours, which they are going to use in their own paintings.