Willow 2017-2018

Willow Class - Year 3

Welcome to the Juniors
with Mrs Reese and Mrs Parker
This half term we have been learning about the Roman Empire. In Literacy we have been reading Romans on the Rampage, by Jeremy Strong. We have immersed ourselves in the life of Croakbag, and his Roman family. We have had chariot races, visitors who told us about being a Roman slave, and even held an anti-slavery protest. Take a look at our photographs, please ask the children to point out Scorcha and Yvonne, and ask them to tell your their story.
Willow Class went to the library this term, and had a great time learning about different types of books and how to order them alphabetically. We also went to the park on Mersey Road, to sketch observational drawings of the new bridge. Take a look at our fantastic art.