Our Subject Leader for Science is: Mrs Taylor

Curriculum Statement: At Victoria Road Primary School, we aim to deliver a science curriculum that helps children aspire, collaborate and experience a variety of opportunities. We want to help children develop as scientists through a range of learning experiences that are underpinned by our key intentions for learning in this subject and develop a lifelong love of science through a stimulating, engaging and challenging environment.

Intent: To develop scientific knowledge and conceptual understanding. To be curious about how the world works and to be able to work scientifically and with confidence. We would like our children to  be resilient and reflective when asking questions, to use scientific vocabulary and to develop a knowledge of scientific scientists.

Implementation: As a school we follow Rising Stars Switched on Science. Key knowledge, skills and understanding are identified at the start of each science unit and children will have opportunities to work scientifically throughout each unit alongside further developing their scientific skills.

Lessons are thoughtfully sequenced with opportunities to complete retrieval tasks and meta cognition opportunities within each unit, helping children commit learning to their long term memory. Children also have opportunities to recap prior learning from previous year groups through discussion. These are presented to children in a variety of active ways to encourage and stimulate learning, concepts taught are therefore reinforced by focusing on the key features of scientific inquiry so that pupils learn to use a variety of approaches to answer relevant scientific questions. Scientific skills are mapped out progressively within each year group ensuring children make progress in their skill set year on year.

Impact: To know more! To remember more! To apply more!

Children at Victoria Road will overwhelmingly enjoy science and this will result in motivated learners with sound scientific understanding. Most children will achieve the expected standard in science at each end point. Children will retain knowledge that is pertinent to science in a real life context and they will be able to  question ideas and reflect on the knowledge taught. Children will work collaboratively and practically to investigate and experiment and they will be encouraged to  explain the process they have taken and be able to reason scientifically.