Rowan Year 3

Teacher: Mrs Taylor
Teaching Assistant: Mrs Dorgan
PGDE Student:  Miss Roberts
Welcome to the Juniors! 

General Information

Welcome to our class page. You will find all of the things you will need to know throughout the year. Year 3 is a key year and involves the children taking greater responsibility for their own learning. That said, we are very keen to work together to help us 'to be the best that we can be'. Please feel free to contact me if you have something you wish to ask or would like to discuss. You can send a message on Seesaw or through the school office and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Mrs Taylor 


Homework will be sent out via Seesaw every Friday. I will let you know which pages will need to be completed and we ask you to upload a photograph of the completed pieces to Seesaw by Monday evening.
It is our expectation that all children complete their homework each week. Children who do not upload their homework by Monday evening will have to complete it in school during lunchtime.
Our School Council Representative: Libby
Have a look at what we will be learning this term.
We have had another busy week in Rowan class, it has been assessment week and the children have been busy writing a setting description about the Circus Maximus. I have been so impressed with their descriptive language.
We have also finished painting our coiled clay pots and they look fabulous.
An extra special event happened in EYFS this week - they have CHICKS! We went down to see them on Thursday, they are so cute.
In Art this week we made our clay pots. We have looked at lots of different types and designs and yesterday we finally go to make them. I am so very impressed with all of them. We just need to let them dry and then paint them- just wait until you see them, you will be so proud of their achievements. 
What another fabulous week, we crammed so much into the 3 days we were in class. Children are making me so proud of them as they all try their very best in everything we do.
This week we have been amazing Historians and Super Scientists. In History we have been looking at the chronology of the Romans and we produced timelines to show British and World history. We also then zoomed in to see what happened during Roman Britain.
In Science we have been looking at the different parts of the water cycle and produced water cycle bags so we could watch the process throughout the day.
This week we have been writing letters in English. We have been working really hard with our presentation and we think they look amazing.
Also this week we investigated the question - Do different types of chocolate melt at the same rate.
On Science Day, we were taking part in a whole school science investigation. We explored the question 'Can larger hands hold more sweets?' Using the enquiry type of pattern seeking, we predicted, carried out the investigation, produced a bar graph, wrote a method and finally a conclusion to see if our predictions were correct.
This week in Science we were looking at the enquiry Observation over time. We used the data logger to record the temperature of the ice hands and took pictures every hour  throughout the day to tell the story of how the liquid changed state.
We have started our new Science topic States of Matter. We used the enquiry of identifying, classifying and grouping to describe solids, liquids and gases. We also enjoyed watching the theatre production of The Hobbit and we took part in different World Book Day activities.
wb 17.2.22

Rowan Class have had yet another amazing week in school. We have designed different switches to see which one would be best for a torch. We finished writing our sequel to Flotsam - they are fabulous!

Also on Tuesday it was Safer Internet Day and we completed lots of different activities supporting and finding strategies to stay safe whilst having fun playing games.


We have been learning about the climate in the Mediterranean and how it affects the vegetation in that area. 


We also tasted some fruits that typically grow in this area, the children were not impressed with the olives!

Rowan Class - you make me so proud to be your teacher!
This week we have been planning and drafting a sequel to our book Flotsam and the children have worked so hard deciding what needs to be included in each paragraph and how we can link the paragraphs together to create cohesion. (It's not easy to write slowly when your head is bursting with ideas)
Next week we will be up-levelling the drafts and publishing stories - watch this space!
In Science we have been exploring simple series circuits and this week we incorporated a switch in our circuits to stop the flow of electrons. 
Also in PE this week we have been choreographing our dance which is based on machinery and electricity. The children have been so good making up their own counts of 8 motifs to include. 
We are really enjoying using the wordless  book Flotsam in our English lessons. I am really proud of all the children as they are trying so hard to improve their writing and inference skills.
We have had an amazing week in Rowan, we have been finding and comparing non unit fractions in maths.
In English we have been using the book Flotsam to develop our observation, inference and wondering skills.
In Geography we have been using maps to locate and name countries that make up the Mediterranean.
Happy New Year! 
We have had a great start to the Spring Term. Our new book in English is called Flotsam, and we have spent time exploring flotsam washed up on the beach, discussing who we think it might have belonged to. This lead on to writing the back story for different characters describing what happened. 
wb 29.11.21
Yet another fun filled, busy week in Rowan. We have been working really hard on our presentation in all lessons again this week and the children have produced some fabulous pieces of work. We have also been working on our DT project, using pneumatics to make our moving monsters. We have finally finished assembling them and we will be painting them next week - look out for the pictures.
wb 22.11.21
Another fun filled week in year 3. We have been focusing on our presentation this week, look how beautiful our maths books are!. In Science we have been demonstrating our understanding of magnets by designing a game to show how magnets attract even through a non magnetic material. During our gymnastic lessons, we have been perfecting rolls, balances and movements. Have a look at the photographs below.
Wb. 1.11.21
We have had a great week! In English we have been using imperative verbs and adverbs if time. We used them in our writing to write a recipe for a meal during the Stone Age. How do you fancy some woolly mammoth curry or buffalo burgers with twig fries? We used the green screen to record our recipes.
We have also been looking at the magnetic force in Science and investigating the magnetic field around a magnet.
wb: 11.10.21
 This week in English we have been helping the Natural History Museum to identify remains that they believe could be from the Stone Age. We are going to write a non-chronological report for them next week.
In History we looked at lots of artefacts that date back to the Bronze Age. We had to discuss what they were and who would have used them. It was very interesting!
wb.04.10.21 We have had a brilliant, busy week this week...
Children have been continuing to learn more indoor athletic skills, they are getting so good at tagging during a relay lap now.
In Science the children investigated the different poles on magnets, they were encouraged to use the scientific language of 'attract' and 'repel' when describing what happened when the different poles were placed together.
As part of our History of the Stone Age, we were exploring how diets changed throughout the Stone Age periods, Children had to examine waste products to see if they could determine which period in History it was from.
In English we are continuing with our book 'The First Drawing' and we have been learning how to write sentences beginning with fronted adverbials for time and place.
Our History Topic is Stone Age to Iron Age and we have linked our text on English to this. We are using the book 'The First Drawing'