Pear 2017-2018

Pear Class
"Our adventure begins here"
Welcome to our class page, we are a fantastic Year 1/2 class with bundles of enthusiasm and we're excited to share our adventures with you. We hope you enjoy looking at all the wonderful things we've been learning about this year.
In Pear Class, we believe reading is extremely important and that we should read for 5-10 minutes at home per day so we can become expert readers. Please ensure that your child's reading books are in school each day.
Thank you,
Miss Thompson and Mrs Phillips
Important Information
Homework is set each Friday and should be returned to school no later than the following Wednesday.
PE is on Monday and Thursday so please ensure your child has both an indoor and outdoor kit in school. Earings should be removed and hair tied back.
Show and Tell is on Friday afternoon if your child has something they're proud of achieving and would like to show it to the class, they are more than welcome to do so.
Please practise the continents and number bonds songs with your children at home.
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Have a look at what we'll be learning this half term!
This week we've been working on creating our own set of school rules based on Laurie Friedman's book 'Back to School Rules'. We have also created our own stories about the fun and wild adventures we could go on like Kid Bleff in 'How I Spent my Summer Vacation' by Mark Teague.
Week Beginning 11th September
This week we've been working really hard in Pear class learning all about the moon and our bodies. We've had so much fun exploring life on Earth and helping our friend Bob. On Monday an alien spaceship crashed in our school, we tried to find them and even looked outside on the playground but we think they hid from us. The aliens left us a note asking us to help them understand life on Earth.

In Literacy we've been writing reports about the moon to send to our friend Bob who is a tour guide there. We've been helping him understand what the moon is made of and how we can see it in the night sky, we also learnt how long it would take us to walk to the moon - ask us.
In Maths we've been learning our number bonds to 10 off by heart and identifying one more and one less than a given number. Our Year Two pupils have been ordering numbers from smallest to largest.

In Science we've learnt all about the parts of the human body, the role each part plays and why it is important to us. We even played body bingo to help remember all the important parts! For Geography we began learning all about the seven continents of the Earth and we learnt a song to help remember them all. 
Then to top it all off in cookery we made alien snot slime flapjacks, they looked horrible but they smelt really good!
Chester Zoo
On Monday we had a fantastic visit from Mike and Paula from Chester Zoo. They taught us all about mini beasts and their habitats. We had a fantastic time sorting different types of mini beasts into categories and we even got to look at preserved mini beasts.
Week Beginning 18th September
"One small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind" - Neil Armstrong, 1969.
This week we've been helping our friend Bob learn all about Neil Armstrong. On Monday he sent us a special gift of moon rock and moon dust! We've learnt so many new things about astronauts and space and have written some wonderful reports about the first man on the moon. We also created a timeline of Neil Armstrong's life in history.
In maths we've finished off our topic on number bonds, but we need to keep practising at home to become experts. We created the number bonds using challenge cards and objects around our classroom. We moved onto partitioning numbers into tens and ones and we were so good at it, we could do it in our heads without using the pebbles.
In cookery we created some moon rock cake, we had loads of fun getting our hands into the cake mixture.
Descriptions 2nd October 2017
Last week in literacy we had a visit from the aliens, they had a party in our classroom and left us a letter asking us if we could help them become best friends with Bob. So to help we learnt about the best ways to describe characters. We learnt to use adjectives and even similes to describe what aliens could look like. To help we created our own aliens out of play-doh and wrote a descriptive sentence about them.
We then used this to help us write a mind map of aliens and eventually write our character descriptions on a wanted poster to help Bob find an alien best friend ever!
Library Visit 10th October 2017
Yesterday Pear class went on a visit to our local library. We had lots of fun looking at all the books about space. The children really enjoyed looking at the non-fiction books and pointing out astronauts such as Neil Armstrong. Did you know we were also able to point out Apollo 11? 
We were able to choose five of the best space books to borrow for our class, we can't wait to read them.
Also a big thank you to Mrs Woodwood, Mrs Nanson and Miss Seymore for helping us today!
13th November
This week has been anti-bullying week and to raise awareness for bullying we had Rock Kidz come in to teach us rock songs. We had so much fun being rock stars, we played air guitar and got to perform in a concert for all our family and friends!
21st November
This week we've started reading a new book in Literacy called 'The Storm Whale'. We've been using our descriptions to help us describe what Noi saw on the beach and to imagine how the whale might be feeling. We can't wait to write a story as the whale this week!
In maths we've been working really hard on our subtraction within 20. Miss Thompson said we're too clever and made it harder by having us solve subtraction calculations with a missing number.
We have loved our science this week as we've been learning all about the animal categories. We've learnt which animals are carnivores, herbivores and omnivores as well. We researched some mammals on the internet and wrote facts about them, we've also watched birds and identified them. We love learning about animals, especially when we get to create 'What Am I?' booklets for reptiles and amphibians.
We have been superstar gymnasts in PE, using a range of equipment to combine our travelling, jumps and rolls. Some of us eve started balancing on one leg.
Week Beginning 3rd January
We hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year and are ready to see just how much we are going to learn about this term. This week we were very busy learning more about the Arctic circle and we did some excellent report writing about Norway - ask us what makes Nordkapp a special place and what happens to Arctic animals in the summer!
This week we learnt more about the Arctic circle, in particular the cities. We found out that their cities aren't like ours and we can explain why if you ask us. We even learnt all of their names and some actions to help remember them.
Murmansk - Russia
Norilsk - Russia
Sisimiut - Greenland
Tromso - Norway
Barrow - Alaska
In math's we've been learning all about 3D shapes, we've learnt their names, ordered them by whether they have curved or straight edges and by their face shape. We even became investigators to see whether all 3D shapes will make a square shadow *hint* they don't!
Week Beginning 8th January
This week in Math's we've been continuing our work on 2D shapes. We have made 2D shapes using a range of materials and used their properties to help us describe them. Have a look at some of our children describing 2D shapes below.
In Literacy we've been learning all about London, where it is in England and how to find it on a map. We've been learning lots of interesting things about famous landmarks such as The London Eye, Big Ben, Houses of Parliament, Tower Bridge, The Tower of London, Buckingham Palace, St. Paul's Cathedral AND the River Thames. We have learnt so much about London that we even compared it to some of the towns we've learnt about in our Arctic topic using a Venn Diagram!
We had a wonderful visit this week from Tigg during Literacy. Mrs Moss tells us that Tigg only comes into classes with wonderful writing, so we think he could tell how hard we've worked on our reports and wanted to read them!
- Ask your child for an interesting and exciting fact about these famous landmarks-
We used the computer suite this week to search and collect pictures of a town from the Arctic Circle and had to write about whether we would like to live there or not and why. It was really hard to choose our favourite pictures.
While we've had a busy week in Pear Class it doesn't stop here; in PE we've been creating a dance and in Music we've been learning a blues song. We can't wait to show you them when we've finished practicing.
Week Beginning 15th January
We have had a lovely week in Pear Class, we started our new topic and read our new book "Vlad and the Great Fire of London". We have been writing diary entries as Boxton, describing how he felt and escaped from the fire using some exciting adjectives, verbs and even some similes!
In Math's we've been working hard on positioning, identifying the location of shapes and objects in a frame, and learning to provide instructions to reach an object in a certain position. On Thursday we went onto our school playground for a treasure hunt. Miss Thompson had hidden an object in a certain position and we had to write and follow instructions in our groups to find it.
In PE we recorded our dance inspired by a range of balls such as a beach ball, football, tennis balls etc. and we also filmed our wonderful singing of "In the Groove" in a Baroque style. Have a look at the videos below.
Next week we have an exciting trip planned so we had to design our own Tudor houses as part of our Design and Technology lessons. We explored a range of Tudor houses, identifying key features of the houses and why they used certain materials. We used this information and our work on positioning and instructions to design our houses, choose our materials, and write instructions on how we are going to build them.
Visit from an Author and a Trip to the Fire Station
This week we had a very special visit from the author of our class book 'Vlad and the Great Fire of London', Kate Cunningham. She told us all about what life was like back in 1666 and we got to pretend we were firefighters putting the fire out using a leather bucket. It was a lot of hard work but we really enjoyed it!
On Friday we went on a trip to Runcorn Fire Station with our Tudor houses that we made for Design and Technology. We took them to see how quickly the fire would spread so we could imagine the Great Fire of London.  The firemen were very nice and told us a lot about fire safety and even let us take some photographs with the fire engine!
Week Beginning 19th February
What a start to our new half term, we have been so busy learning lots this week.
In English we've been learning about the features of traditional tales, we have created story maps and character profiles for characters from the Three Little Pigs. On Thursday we learnt to retell the story using Pie Corbett style actions. Watch our videos below!
In maths we have been investigating the mass and capacity of items. We learnt that bigger items don't always have to weigh more because they may not have a bigger mass. We explored mass using objects from around our classroom. First we estimated what we thought their mass would be and then we weighed them against unifix cubes to see which was the heaviest. We also got to make play-doh balls to investigate mass, we even had to put them in the correct order too!
For capacity we learnt that this is how much an object can fit inside itself. We learnt that we use capacity when talking about water so we just had to try this for ourselves. 
In PE we've started to play team competitions, we had so much fun this week in our relay race, island hopping and many more fun games - look at our pictures below.
We have been learning about materials and their properties using scientific language such as rigid, transparent and opaque. We had to create our own branch diagrams to order and compare materials by their properties. Then we got a special letter from Scientist Steve - he set us a task to investigate changes in chocolate - YUM!! we had to write a prediction, summary AND a conclusion. Science is a lot of work but so much fun.
27th April 2018
Today we went on a fantastic trip to Liverpool. We went on the Mersey ferry and saw a real life rescue from the coast guard! It was so much fun, the coast guards kept zooming past us in their speedboats and they even dabbed at us! We thought this was really funny.
Then we went to the Liverpool Maritime Museum for a workshop on the Titanic, Donna was really nice and told us a fantastic story about a little boy and his teddy Polar. Some of us got to be characters in the story and dress up. After this we went to have a look around the Titanic exhibit and saw a model of the Titanic as well as some actual artifacts that were recovered from the wreckage.