Our Governors

 Mrs Emma Roberts  Headteacher    Governing Body    Curriculum, Premises, Personnel and Finance  No
 Mr Ted Owen  Co-opted  Chair of Governing Board, Safer Recruitment, Training and Support  Governing Body  03/03/2019  Curriculum, Premises, Personnel and Finance (Chair)  No
 Mrs Jayne Bamber  Co-opted  Vice Chair, Child Protection, Safeguarding, Sex and Relationship Education, Modern Foreign Languages  Governing Body  03/03/2019  Personnel and Finance  No
 Mr Vincent Whitehead  Co-opted  Children and Young People in Care  Governing Board  03/03/2019  Curriculum (Chair), Personnel and Finance  No
 Mrs Danielle Jones  Co-opted Staff  Special Educational Needs  Governing Board  03/03/2019  Curriculum  No
 Mr Syd Broxton  Local Authority    Local Authority  09/03/2020  Premises (Chair), Personnel and Finance  No
 Mrs Danielle Collings  Parent  Early Years Foundation Stage  Parent Election  01/04/2018  Curriculum  No
 Mr Brian Cornah  Parent  English  Parent Election  29/11/2019  Personnel and Finance  No
 Mrs Lucy Knight  Parent  Early Years Foundation Stage  Parent Election
Term Expired
 Curriculum  No
Mrs Laura Walker Parent   Parent Election 15/03/2020 Curriculum, Premises No
Mr Stephen Wallace Parent Educational Visits Parent Election 29/04/2018 Premises, Personnel and Finance No
Mrs Hilary Moss Staff Curriculum Staff Election 19/06/2020 Curriculum, Premises, Personnel and Finance No
Mrs Sally Hardwick Associate   Governing Body     No
The Role Of The Governing Body

The role of the Governing body is to help shape the strategic direction of the school and to safeguard the public interest in the school. As our role is strategic, we do not get involved in the day to day running of the school, this is the responsibility of the Head Teacher and the Senior Leadership Team. We ensure that they are accountable for decisions and actions taken. We oversee the maintaining of and improvement of standards of achievement within our school. We are also responsible for ensuring that the schools policies and administration meet statutory requirements and that our children are able to maximise the educational opportunities provided. We support the school in its continuous drive to improve the already high standard of education provided to our children.

The Governors are appointed to provide:-

  • An independent view
  • A wide experience of the outside world
  • A visible form of accountability for the head teacher and staff of the school
  • A focus on long term development and improvement
  • Accountability to the community for the use of resources and the standards of teaching and learning in the school
  • Support for the head teacher and staff.

The Governing Body are the strategic planners of the school, we

  • Employ others to carry out the work
  • Appoint the head teacher who is responsible for the day to day management of the school
  • Agree policies and practice which allows the head teacher to carry out their responsibilities
  • Agree principles and targets for improvement
  • Support and challenge the head teacher
  • Review our own working practices

Individual Governors will also be involved in some of the following:-

  • School improvement plan
  • Head teacher performance management
  • Staff appointments
  • The financial management of the school
  • The curriculum
  • The training of governors

All Governors, once appointed, share the responsibilities and work as a team.

If you are interested in becoming a Governor, have any questions or any suggestions, you can email the school at sec.victoriaroad@halton.gov.uk or alternatively leave a message at the office.