Sunflower Seeds
This week we have been reading an information book called from Seed to Sunflower. We have been finding out about the different stages of how a plant grows and have been introduced to some new vocabulary including germination, root and shoot. This week we have planted our own sunflower seed. We will keep you updated with how our seeds are growing.
This week is our final PE session with Mr Williams before we start athletics. We finished with a team competition that involved using the skills we had developed during the spring term. Reception showed real determination and challenged themselves to score the highest points using all the skills they had learnt from Mr Williams. 
Class Read
This week we will be reading the story 'We're going on an Egg Hunt'. Press the image below to share the story at home.
PE Fun
In PE we have been learning how to throw. Mr Williams has shown us how to use an underarm throw to help us hit a target. In Reception we love playing the different games to help us practice this skill.
Class Read
This week we will be reading the story 'Superkitty'. Press the image below to share the story at home.
Superhero Stories
Reception have loved playing in the Small World Superhero area this week. These two girls decided to use the speech bubbles to create a story.
 Class Read
This week we will be reading the story Super Space Boy Spud. Please press on the book below to share the story at home.
Reception PE
Reception loved their first PE lesson with our sports coach Mr Williams!
Pancake Day
To celebrate shrove Tuesday, Reception made their own pancakes to enjoy at snack. We used a recipe to find out what ingredients we needed and followed the method to help us make the pancake! Our favourite part was definitely eating them!
Step 5 Well-Being 
Today we took a moment for ourselves. Reception loved visiting our spa and said how relaxed they felt afterwards.
Don't forget to take 'me time.'
Step 4 
Learn a new skill
Learning a new skill builds confidence and gives a sense of achievement. We asked Reception what they would like to learn to do. They asked if they could learn to make a cup of tea and make their own play dough. We felt great!
What would you like to learn to do?
Step 3 Well-being 
Get Active
Being active is great for lifting your mood. This week we tried some yoga in our wellbeing retreat and found the gentle stretches helped us to feel good.
What activity makes you happy?
Step 2 Well-Being
Even the smallest act of kindness such as a smile can bring joy.
We decided to 'give' kindness to the staff at Victoria Road today.
What could you give to somebody? 
Step 1 - Well-Being
In Reception we talked about the importance of connecting with family and friends to help us feel good. We set up a choc and chat area in our well being retreat for children to connect with each other over a hot chocolate. 
Have you connected with someone today?
Chinese New Year 
In Reception we have been finding out about Chinese New Year. We enjoyed learning about how people prepare for the celebration and compared it to our New Year celebration. Reception found out about why each year is named after an animal and why the colour red is so important in Chinese Culture. We finished the celebration by taking part in our own Chinese Dragon dance. Press the image below to watch us.
Class Read
This week we will be reading the story, 'Biscuit Bear'. Please press the image below to share the story at home.
Headteacher Award
This half term we have each been given an English book for our weekly write. This little boy worked so hard to hold his sentence and use his sounds to help him. He produced an amazing sentence and Mrs Roberts our Headteacher agreed! 
Can't you sleep Little Bear?
Reception have loved visiting the cave from our class read this week. They loved using the lantern to help them see in the dark.
Wonderful Weaving 
This half term our art focus is weaving. We created a winter weaving for our Frozen topic. 
The Jolly Postman
The children have been showing a real interest writing cards so this week we have been sharing the Jolly Postman story. We talked about why we sends cards and how the Jolly Postman knows which letterbox to post them through. Lots of children knew their address!
Reception Take Over The Teachers 
Reception have taken over the teachers and have made a video to show you how to support them with reading at home. Please press the link below to access their video.
Class Read
This week we will be reading the story, 'Where's my teddy'. Please press the image below to share the story at home.
This week Reception have been exploring the properties of ice. They came in to find toys had been frozen inside solid ice. The children really wanted to free the toys and knew they needed the ice to melt quickly. They came up with different ideas to try and melt the ice including wrapping it up to warm the ice, putting it in a jug of warm water and putting it on top of the radiator.
Class Read
This week we will be reading the story, 'One Snowy Night'. Please press the image below to share the story at home.
Award Winner
Congratulations to our 'Critical Thinking Crocodile' award winner this week. This little boy is always thinking of different ways to do things and will persist until he has solved a problem. 
We're going on a Bear Hunt
This week, after reading our story this week we decided to go on a Bear Hunt! We put on our wellingtons, packed our binoculars and picked up our map! We're going on a bear hunt.......
 Which route should we take?
This week in Reception we have been finding out about maps. We learnt that a map is a drawing of a place. In pairs we took turns to direct our partner around a simple map. The children then decided to create a map so they could go on a Bear Hunt.
Can he fix it?
Mr Parr came to put up some shelves for our new reading display today. Some of the children wanted to help. They noticed Mr Parr using his spirit level, "Hey we have one of them! It tells you if it is flat!" Mr Parr let the group quality assure his work by checking it was level.
Class Read
This week we will be reading the story 'We're going on a Bear Hunt'. Please press the image below to share the story at at home.
How to make a....?
During choose time the children found some instructions on the board. Using the mobilo they were able to successfully follow the instructions to make a vehicle. Some children decided to have a go at writing their own. Check out the fantastic results!
Award Winner
Congratulations to our 'Active Anteater' award winner this week. Our award winner showed resilience and concentration.Despite a few setbacks she never gave up. Well Done!
Hailstone Fun
Reception heard a loud noise outside and went to the window to investigate, "It's snowing!" We put on our coat and went outside to explore. The children discovered little balls of ice all over our outdoor area and found out it was called hailstone. We brought them inside and put it into a jar.... after a little while the hailstone had disappeared but what had happened?
Breakfast with Santa 
What an exciting morning we had in Reception today! We had to get to school a little earlier because a very special visitor wanted to come for breakfast! Great news.... we are all on the good list!!
Santa Dash
Reception loved taking part in the Santa Dash! Before we ran around the playground we made sure we warmed up our bodies and then it was time to dash! 
Class Read
This week we will be reading the story Stick Man. Press the image below to share the story at home.
Reception enjoyed their first PE lesson! We talked about safety in the hall and also how to protect our bodies from injury through warming up and cooling down. 
Christmas in the Home Corner
Reception enjoyed preparing their Home Corner for Christmas. The children chose which decorations they wanted to use and carefully placed them on the tree.
Around the World
In Reception we love exploring the world map! We have been reading stories about different animals from around the world and finding out which part of the world they can be found. Did you know that dung beetles can be found anywhere is the world, except Antartica? 
 Class Read
This week we will be reading the story Superkitty. Please press on the book below to share the story at home.
Exploring Length
In our Maths lesson we have been exploring length. As part of our new learning we rolled out pieces of play dough and compared the length of each piece using the language longer and shorter. The children were each give a piece of ribbon to compare with their friends. 
Sentence Structure
My ribbon is longer than your piece of ribbon.
My ribbon is shorter than your piece of ribbon.
You could try this activity at home!
 Class Read
This week we will be reading the story Burglar Bill. Please press on the book below to share the story at home.
Autumn Planting
In Reception we have been getting our garden ready for the spring! We bought some bulbs and found out that they needed to be planted in the season of autumn. We have buried them deep in the soil and we cannot wait to see them grow! 
This half term we have been finding out about Diwali, the festival of light. We looked at how people celebrated Diwali and traditional customs including, creating rangoli patterns, lighting up our home corner and taking part in traditional Indian dancing. 
Who will win the fantasy figure race?
Reception were super excited to see the new game in our Maths area today. They had to choose a figure from our fantasy characters and roll the dice to see how many spaces they could move. You could try playing this game at home, all you need is a dice, a grid and a few toys!
Super Sound Work
What fantastic writing from one of Reception children! Don't forget to attend our Phonic workshop next week to find out how to effectively support your child at home. 
Sign Your Name 
Reception love their new construction area and this morning they were eager to sign their name so they could begin to build. We are super impressed with their name writing skills! 
Sssh! Don't wake Mr Bear!
This half term we have been finding out about  Autumn. This week we learnt how the change in season affects animals and that some need to hibernate during the cold winter months. We met Lightening the tortoise who is busy preparing for her long winter sleep. 
Leaf Man
These two girls enjoyed listening to the story Leaf Man and they decided to draw a map for him to travel around. They came up with different places he could travel to and included prepositional language to describe how he travelled, including over trees and around the mountains. The girls both wrote their names on the map and used their phonic to label the different places he visited.
What is the same? What is different?
This week in Maths we have been looking at numbers within six. In partners the children took turns to roll the dice and recreate the number of dots using cubes. The children were encouraged to look at the number of cubes and say how the sets were different.
"Five is more than two because five has more cubes."
What big eyes you have!
Reception have thoroughly enjoyed retelling the story of Little Red Riding Hood this week. The children came into school to find claw prints inside the home corner and decided a wolf must have visited the classroom! We listened to the fairytale Little Red Riding Hood and then using the costumes spent time acting out the story. 
Who has been sneaking around our classroom this week?
Welcome to Reception 2021- 2022
This will be our Class Blog Page and we will be sharing all the wonderful learning that takes place in Reception this year. This will be a great way for you to find out about what the children have been learning about and will also give you some ideas for how you can support your child at home. 
We cannot wait to get started!