This page contains lots of interactive games, practical ideas, practical and printable resources to help you to support your child's learning while they are at home. As well as accessing these resources children should:
  • Children should be reading out loud with an adult at least 5 minutes a day twice each day. Sounding out each letter and using phonic knowledge to blend sounds together to read words.
  • Have the opportunity to make marks to develop fine motor skills through drawing and writing.
  • Develop letter formation through writing their name, words and short sentences.
  • Develop counting in sequence up to 20.
  • Access Numbots each day for 5 to 10 minutes
Many thanks for your continued support,
The EYFS team.
Learning through play
During the Early Years Foundation Stage children learn through play and through the guidance and support of adults through practical activities. Here are some home learning activity ideas to support your child in achieving the statements set in the development matters document. 
  • Children should be reading 5 minutes a day twice a day, using their phonics knowledge to sound and blend letters to read the words. 
  • Reading with your child will also support their comprehension knowledge if you talk about the story together and ask questions about what has been read.
  • Revising phonics sounds to develop reading and support blending in words.
The following websites also provide resources, advice and support to help develop your children's reading and comprehension skills while they are at home. The oxford owl website has a FREE e-book library where you can access over 250 e-books.
Reading Comprehension 
In reception children learn to use their phonic knowledge to decode words and read them aloud. Children must also show that they understand what they have read by:
- Talking to others about their reading 
- Answering simple questions about what they have read
In order to support children with their reading comprehensions while they are at home, please print off the pack that matches your child's book band colour and read the text together.
 Here are some interactive ideas to support your child's letter formation and writing while they are at home.
Here are some interactive ideas to support your child's learning at home.
Here are some links to videos and ideas for physical activities at home.
Here are some fun Easter activities for you to try at home.