Our Subject Leaders for English are: Mrs Sowerby & Mrs Neal

At Victoria Road Primary School, we intend to provide every pupil with a high quality English education so that all children make good or more progress and an increased number of children reach and exceed ARE. We aim to identify gaps due to COVID-19 and address these as well as teaching current year group objectives. 


Throughout the year, we will continue to embed our writing scheme ‘The Literacy Tree’ in order to ensure that our children receive high-quality English teaching. We will continue to teach whole class comprehension skills through VIPERS and guided reading where appropriate. We will continue to access training through the St. Helen’s Teaching School Alliance, where necessary. After evaluation of the previous year and the lasting impact of Covid-19, there will be a specific focus on handwriting, writing stamina and comprehension skills. We aim to identify and purchase a validated scheme for the teaching of phonics and accompanying reading scheme by the end of the academic year and ensure that all staff have received the appropriate training to deliver this scheme from September 2022. 


Children will have a passion and enjoyment in reading and writing across all areas of the curriculum. 

Staff will be confident in the teaching of reading and writing across all key stages. An increased number of children will meet ARE and GDS and school will be in line with national data.

In EYFS, children will make accelerated progress from their baseline and the number of children achieving ELG will be in line with the national average.