Elm Year 3

Important Information.
Our P.E. days are Monday and Thursday. Children will need to attend school on these days in full P.E. kit, which is black shorts/leggings/jogging bottoms, white t- short, black sweatshirt and trainers. 
Reading books
Reading books can now be brought into school and changed daily. The expectation is that you will hear your child read 3 times per week. 
Reading comprehension books and maths workbooks have now been sent home. These will be kept at home. Each week, I will set which pages are to be completed on seesaw. Please take a picture of your child's completed homework and upload to seesaw. Homework will usually be set on a Friday, to be completed by the following Tuesday. 
WC 16.05.22
A busy week in Elm class! We are working hard on song with our guitar teacher Alex. We also loved visiting the chicks in EYFS.
Elm class have been working hard in our athletics training to get ready for sports day. 
WB 21.03.22
Elm class has been investigating the melting point of chocolate this week. We tested white, milk and dark chocolate to see if the percentage of cocoa solids affected the melting point. 
WC 07.03.22
This week Elm class have been conducting a scientific enquiry into changes in states of matter. We started with a frozen hand and observed changes over time. We noticed that as the ice began to melt the temperature went up. We recorded our findings and used scientific language to describe what we found.
WC 28.02.22
Our book this half term is 'Jim, a cautionary tale' by Hillaire Belloc. Elm class were a little bit shocked to find out what happens to Jim!
WC 24.01.22 
We have a very busy week in Elm class. We have been dividing and multiplying, using practical resources to help us. We have also been looking at the physical and human features of two regions in the Mediterranean, as part of our Geography work.
WC 17.01.22
This week we have been exploring simple series electrical circuits 
Year 3/4 words
Please follow the link below to find the year 3 and 4 spellings. We will be practising these regularly throughout the year. 
Week beginning 11.10.21
We compared and discussed different artefacts from the Bronze Age. We answered the questions ‘what do you think this was used for?’ and ‘who do you think owned this object?’