Our Curriculum

As a school we follow a creative curriculum on a two-year rolling programme. We have incorporated the Learning Challenge Curriculum questions as the driver to introduce and engage our children. Please click on the link to read more about the main principles.
Our Curriculum at Victoria Road

Maths- We aim to give our children life skills so that they are confident and competent in all areas of mathematics by providing high quality teaching and learning opportunities wherever possible lessons will be related to real life situations in the world and beyond the classroom.

 English - Great emphasis is based upon language.  Speaking and listening skills are developed through a wide range of activities.  Children are encouraged to become confident communicators and attentive listeners.
Reading is taught through a wide range of activities, including the use of a structured reading scheme.  Parents and carers are encouraged to be actively involved in developing their child’s reading through regularly reading with them at home.
 Children are provided with a wide range of purposeful writing experiences, staff use imaginative and innovative ways to inspire and support writing including the use of visits and visitors, drama, teacher in role, role play and ICT resources.

Science - Science is a core subject and teaching follows national curriculum guidelines. We follow the Kent Scheme of Work alongside the Learning Challenge Curriculum.  Children are encouraged to ask questions, hypothesise, devise fair tests and record experimental outcomes.  Lessons encourage and extend on children’s natural curiosity about scientific concepts.  Science lessons build on and reinforce previous learning experiences.


 Religious Education - The following aims are upheld within the school: To encourage pupils towards an understanding of people’s beliefs, values and practices.
• To develop, within pupils, respect and sensitivity towards  other people and their beliefs and philosophies.
• To provide opportunities for pupils to reflect on and respond to, the values, beliefs and practices of religions and philosophies.
• To enable pupils to develop their own insights. Our syllabus does not attempt to indoctrinate pupils or nurture them into a particular faith.  

Computing - Confident use of ICT is vital for our children’s future roles within society.  Some areas of the computing curriculum is taught as a discrete subject and is also used cross curricular to enhance learning opportunities across many other curriculum areas.

History - Children learn about life at different times and evaluate the impact of events/changes during those times in modern Britain.  History is ‘brought to life’ via classroom based investigations, themed days, visits and visitors.

Geography - Through their work in geography the children develop understanding of the local, national and international environments.  Children also gain an appreciation of life in other cultures.

P.E. - Children are taught and encouraged to develop sporting, gymnastic and dance skills which will enable them to take part in a variety of physical activities in later years.  Wherever possible, children will also be taught the importance of developing healthy lifestyles and the benefits of exercise and good food and nutrition. Children in Key Stage 2 have swimming and judo lessons.

Music - All children in key stage 2 are given the opportunity to learn a musical instrument.  Children are introduced to a range of musical styles and traditions.  Our school choir perform regularly outside of school for local residents and at Children of Halton Sing.

M.F.L. - All children have the opportunity to learn basic French.  The children study French culture alongside language tuition.

PSHE - PSHE promotes good citizenship.  We aim to deliver personal and social education that permeates all areas of the curriculum, promoting informed decision making.  We work from the nationally recognised SEAL (Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning) programme.
 From Year 4 we follow the local authority guidelines on the delivery of Sex and Relationships Education (SRE).  Physical aspects are not dealt in isolation but within a moral framework that is supportive of family life. Parents will be invited to view all materials prior to SRE lessons.
 We have the full backing of the governing body in delivery of this aspect of the PSHE curriculum.

Art & Design -

Through art, we encourage the children to take a closer look at the world around them.  Capturing the children’s imaginative ideas and 
view-points they create a variety of their own art forms, using various skills and techniques, to provide a means of visual communication and expression.  
We constantly aim to deliver the best art education for our children, we maintain effective links with a range of arts organisations to widen the experiences on offer


Through the design, make and evaluation processes the children are given opportunities to work with a variety of construction kits, simple mechanisms, mechanical and electrical components as well as working with a wide selection of materials, tools and techniques​​

An overview of our curriculum can be found on each class page. It will be updated every half term to allow you to see what your child is learning.

At Victoria Road we follow Letters and Sounds​ phonics programme. Click on the link below for more details.
Reading Books

At Victoria Road we use a book banding system to group books in bands of different colours to show the different levels.

Using colour allows children the freedom to choose their own book at the appropriate level for them

Pink, Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, Orange, Turquiose, Purple, Gold, White, Lime

For more information click on the link below